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Localization addon for Databox

Databox Localization is a complete localization tool which lets you easily integrate localization to your Unity project. Use all Databox editor features like:

Google & CSV

Import Google Spreadsheets or CSV files

Google translate

Automatic Google translation without setup

UI Components

Ready to use UI localization components

Fallback language

Define default fallback language

Data editor

Intuitive data editor – Manage all your data in one place.

Scriptable objects

Simple scriptable objects workflow


Localization Components

Databox localization comes with ready to use components. For example: Simply add a localization component to a UI text or UI image component and choose which key should be used from the Databox object database. The component then loads the correct value from the selected language automatically.


One click Google translation

The automatic Google - Translation feature lets you quickly translate keys from within the Unity editor with a simple click of a button. No need for any complicated authentication steps or login.

  • Simple Google translate integration without complicated authorization steps
  • Automatically detect user system language on start
  • Fallback (default) language if user system language does not exist
  • Preview localized keys in editor
  • Support for streaming assets (textures, audio clips and asset bundles)
  • Support for Unity Addressables for loading all types of assets and prefabs.
  • Ready to use localization components
  • Replace string "tags" with game variables
  • Simple API
  • Demo scene included
  • All features from Databox - Data editor like CSV import, Google sheet import, cloud sync and more.

Because every game relies on data

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