Localization Components

Databox - Localization comes with several easy to use localization components which can be added to ui components or game objects to automate localization. For example, If you want to Localize a ui text component simply add a Localize_uitext component to it. Select the table and the corresponding key. The ui text will be now updated based on the selected default language. The components also handles a language change during runtime.

All components are available from the Databox Localization "Add Component" menu

Available components:

  • Localize_UIText
  • Localize_UIImage
  • Localize_UIRawImage
  • Localize_TextMeshPro_UGUIText
  • Localize_TextMeshPro_Text
  • Localize_TextMeshPro_FontAsset
  • Localize_AudioSource
  • Localize_GameObject
  • Localize_Material
  • Localize_MeshFilter

Dropdown language select

Databox - Localization also has a ready to use dropdown language selection component. Add this component to a UI Dropdown object and it will automatically add all available languages to the selectable dropdown list. The component also handles the language change, when user has selected a language from the dropdown.