Getting started

To get started quickly, simply download the Unity package from the Asset-Store. After installation you should have a new Databox folder under your Assets project folder.

You can move the Databox folder wherever you want inside of your project

Create a Databox object

  • Right click in the project view and select Create -> Databox -> New Databox Object
.NET 4.x

Databox supports Odin Serializer and FullSerializer. To make sure Odin Serializer works properly, you'll have to set the API compatibility level to .NET 4.x in the Unity player settings.
.NET 2.0 - Since version 1.1.1

If you want to use .NET 2.0, then you need to remove the OdinSerializer folder located at: Databox/Core/Serializers.

See the next step here: Concept and workflow

Demo scenes

Demo scenes are all inside of a separate Unity package located in the Databox -> Demo folder.