Advanced Example Scene

This example shows the use of multiple database objects to support saving runtime generated objects. It also has a simple techtree which demonstrates how you can use a custom data class to store techtree relevant data. The techtree UI dynamically rebuilds itself based on this data.

The general idea is as follow:

  • We use the initial databox object for all assets we want to instantiate.
  • We use an empty runtime databox object which will maintain all instantiated objects at runtime.
  • At runtime a freshly instantiated object gets its data from the initial database and registers them into the runtime database with it's unique instance id.
  • We only change the data in the runtime database.
  • When loading, we iterate through all entries in the runtime database. As we have saved the type, position and color of each object we can easily re-create the saved state.


  • The techtree UI dynamically rebuilds itself based on the tech data. This is a great demonstration of a custom data class.
  • By changing the dependency in the tech data you can change the arrangement of the techtree UI.



  • Registers the game object to the database according to objectID, fromDBId and toDBId variables.


  • Assigns all values to the object or the database.


  • Makes sure the object moves along the mouse cursor and snaps to a grid. Also handles mouse click event and object instantiation. After user has clicked it calls the LinkToNewDatabase method in the AdvancedDataboxLinking script.


  • The save manager handles the restoring of saved objects. After the database has been loaded a coroutine is being called which instantiates all saved objects back and registers them to the existing database as a new entry while removing the old entries.


  • The UI manager handles all ui inputs and dynamic UI creation. It also loads the initial database on Awake and builds the build menu ui after the initial database has been loaded.
  • The techtree logic which handles the techtree UI creation and research is also integrated into this script.