Databox data schemes

Since version 1.2.1

A Databox scheme is like a template for your data. This feature allows you to build a data structure containing multiple different value types which can then be added to your databox object. This is great if you want to create multiple entries like enemies were all have the same value types like: name, description, health, strength etc. So instead of adding each value separately you can create a data scheme first. Then you only have to add the scheme for each new enemy you want to add.

Create a Databox data scheme

  • Right click somewhere in the project view and select: Create / Databox / New Databox Data Scheme

  • Add a new scheme and name it.
  • Inside of the newly created scheme you can now add databox data types and build your scheme.

Add a scheme

Now that you have created a Databox scheme object you can assign it to your Databox object.

  • Select a Databox object. On the right side in the editor choose "Add Scheme" from the dropdown.
  • Assign the Databox scheme object to the empty slot.
  • Set a new Entry name.
  • Select the scheme you want to add
  • Click on Add Scheme