Databox Manager

Databox comes with a Databox Object Manager which helps you to keep track of all separate Databox objects.

Create a Databox object manager

  • Right click in the project view and select Create -> Databox -> New Databox Object Manager
  • You can now drag and drop all of your Databox objects in the drag field of the Databox object manager.
  • Each Databox object can be accessed by it's name from the manager. Simply use:

    public DataboxObjectManager manager;
    DataboxObject databoxObject = manager.GetDatabox("MyData");

* The Manager is great if you are using multiple Databox objects in your game. For example: Configuration, GameData, SaveGame

Runtime editor

The runtime editor allows you to access all of your data at runtime as long as your data is using the GUILayout API for drawing it's value. (EditorGUILayout API won't work for runtime builds)

Create the runtime editor

  • Simply create an empty game object in your scene and add a new DataboxRuntimeEditor component to it.
  • Add a Databox object manager to the runtime editor.
Databox comes with a custom Databox GUI style which you can add to the Editor Skin property.