Sync To cloud

It is always wise to save your file before doing a sync.

1. Check

  • Before you can sync you'll need to click on the 1. Check button. This will check if the connection to the cloud is ready and which version is newer - local version or cloud version.

2. Sync & Compare

  • After the check has been accomplished you can click on 2. Sync & Compare. This will sync to the newest version. You will see all changes in the output.

3. Revert

  • If you don't like the changes you can then click on 3. Revert. This will revert the data back to the version before sync.

Force Upload

  • Forcing an upload overrides the cloud version with your local version. No matter which version is newer!

Force Download

  • Forcing a download overrides the local version with the cloud version. No matter which version is newer!
Warning! Only use force upload and download if you know what you do.